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Patron: Nicholas Daniel

President: Adrienne Cleary

Conductor: Andrew Parnell

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Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement for Members and Friends of Wymondham Symphony Orchestra

Last updated: 24th April 2018

Any information you give us will be held securely and processed only in accordance with the rules on data protection. We will not disclose your personal details to anyone unconnected to the Wymondham Symphony Orchestra unless:

  • you have consented to their release
  • we are legally obliged to disclose them

The information we require from you as a Member is restricted to name, postal address, phone number and email address and also instrument(s) played. The purpose of collection is solely to hold a list of current orchestra members for:

  • subscriptions collection
  • circulating news and information about the orchestra, rehearsals and concerts
  • management of music sets by the librarian
  • concert programmes (name only plus photographs)
  • marketing (photographs)

For Friends of Wymondham Symphony Orchestra the information we require is name, postal address and email address in order to collect subscriptions and circulate news about concerts and other events.

The data will be stored in an electronic list held by the Data Controller, shared with members of the committee for the purposes of fulfilling their committee roles.

Any communication by email will be sent blind copy so that your email address is not divulged to other members.

We will only hold your information for as long as you remain a Member or Friend of the Wymondham Symphony Orchestra. We will remove all information we hold about you within one month of you notifying the committee or the coordinator of the Friends that you wish to terminate your membership.

You have the option to opt out of your data being held by the orchestra at any time.

We are required to have a named Data Controller who maintains the lists of Members and Friends and ensures that the lists are protected as outlined above. The current Data Controller is Paul Chambers.

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